Large pharmaceutical companies typically outsource clinical trial management to clinical research organizations (CROs). While these arrangements work well at the scale of large trials or large numbers of trials, smaller pharmas often can’t make the economics of outsourcing trials work. For those companies managing their own trials, Omnia Labs offers patient testing solutions tailored to your unique requirements, with costs and benefits designed to help you scale and optimize trial effectiveness.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing your clinical testing to us opens a new world of possibilities. Omnia Labs is one of the leading diagnostic labs in the United States and offers a variety of testing services to fit the needs of your trial. Some of the perks that Omnia offers are as follows:

  • 24-hour rapid turnaround times
  • Sample tampering detection services
  • On-site supplies ahead of time, or overnight mail-in options
  • Billing directly to insurance companies, patients, or clients
  • Comprehensive reporting directly to your organization
  • Accurate results to best treat your patients
  • Great customer service representatives to help answer questions
  • Scientific and operational experts who create a smooth transition from analysis to the distribution of results

Examples of Testing Options

  • Contactless and online testing for COVID-19 and oral swab drug screening
  • Testing for both generic panels, as well as for specific concerns such as hepatitis, specific vitamin and mineral levels, and specific molecular concerns like cholesterol and creatinine levels
  • Testing for items such as potassium, lithium, protein, sodium, valproic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, albumin, thyroid panels, hepatic function panels, and more

What Else Does Omnia Have to Offer?

By partnering with us, your small or mid-sized pharmaceutical company can test for a myriad of different vitamins, specific molecular levels, diseases, and much more. Ranging from the standard wellness panels, all the way down to lab panels targeted to specific diseases information, we’ve got all the bases covered. In addition to testing via mail-in services, we offer onsite testing, toxicology screenings, telehealth appointments, as well as clinical blood testing, all processed through our expert team of phlebotomists, point-of-care and inventory specialists, and more. Customer care is an important pillar of our organization, so comprehensive reporting of test results, fantastic customer support, and scalable organizational options perfect for multi-location companies are all offered.

Begin Your Partnership Today

We want to be the lab of choice for your pharmaceutical company’s clinical testing endeavors. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your testing needs.