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How it Works

  • Test

    We provide either an on-site supply ahead of time or mail (overnight) individual kits to patients.

  • Research

    Samples can be taken onsite by a professional or self-administered with or without telehealth guidance. After samples have been taken, Omnia handles logistics and data entry.

  • Lab

    Test results are provided within 24-36 hours. Afterwards, Omnia can bill insurance (if medically necessary), patient, or client.


  • Test

    We are dedicated to providing the best quality service in the healthcare industry and improving the lives of patients, so we focus on quality – not quantity.

  • Research

    We offer 24 hr turnaround time for the most accurate type of testing on the market. We have healthcare and operational experts who address testing concerns and ensure smooth operations, so you can focus on your operations.

  • Idea

    We offer oral swab sampling – which most patients prefer compared to nasal swabs.

  • Lab

    We also have “point-of-care” testing that generates results in minutes.

What's Measured


Test Type: COVID 19 PCR Test

Specificity: 100%;

Sensitivity: Based on data submitted to FDA, analyzer shows 100% sensitivity at 10 RNA copies per 1ml

Turnaround Time: 24-36 hours

Test Type: COVID 19 Antigen/Rapid Test

Specificity: 100%

Sensitivity: 84%

Turnaround Time: 15 minutes

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