For centers that focus on behavioral health and rehabilitation, having a reliable source for drug testing is not only important to the success of your business, but potentially life saving as well for high-risk drugs. Omnia Labs is one of the leading diagnostic labs in the United States and provides fast, reliable, and accurate drug testing solutions for your facilities.


Benefits of Rapid Drug Testing


When working with patients in rehabilitation facilities, knowing what is in their systems and how to best treat it is critical, especially with high-risk drugs such as fentanyl. Even in situations with less high-risk drugs, rapid testing provides your team with the best information available so that you can help to get your patients on the road to recovery. Our organization provides many perks within the framework of drug testing: 


  • 24-hour rapid turnaround times
  • Sample tampering detection services
  • On-site supplies ahead of time, or overnight mail-in options
  • Billing directly to insurance companies, patients, or clients
  • Both oral swabs and urine testing offered
  • Comprehensive confirmation of the testing, down to specific traces of over 100 types of drugs 
  • Rapid results and testing for drugs and illicit substances, such as alcohol, cannabinoids, sedative hypnotics, ketamine, fentanyl, opiates, and barbiturates


Omnia Labs Benefits for Healthcare Centers


Aside from the standard rapid testing that Omnia offers, a huge selection of other testing options are available from harmful drugs, to basic metabolic panels. For healthcare systems, we provide scalable solutions for facilities that may have multiple locations and a wide variety of testing needs. On-site supplies can be delivered to any location necessary with included overnight shipping back to our lab for analytics.


  • Comprehensive reporting directly to your organization
  • Accurate results to best treat your patients
  • Great customer service representatives to help answer questions
  • Contactless and online testing for COVID-19 and oral swab drug screening
  • Scientific and operational experts who create a smooth transition from analysis to the distribution of results
  • Testing for both generic panels, as well as for specific concerns such as hepatitis, specific vitamin and mineral levels, and specific molecular concerns like cholesterol levels and creatinine levels


Comprehensive Testing to Help You and Your Patients


Our team works around the clock to provide you with the best service possible so that healthcare clinics, rehabilitation centers, and behavioral health centers can continue to change the lives of their patients for the better. Contact us at Omnia Labs to learn more about how we can serve your organization.