Clinical trials drive drug development – and testing drives clinical trials.

Central laboratories, which handle logistics and testing across all clinical trial sites, were once only available to large pharmaceutical concerns with the resources to create in-house testing hubs. But with the rise of outsourced central laboratories, even a small pharma or biotech company can reap the benefits of a standardized and unified testing facility.

During clinical trials, companies have a wide range of possible testing needs to determine efficacy as well as ensure patient safety. There are several common tests that most clinical trials require, such as complete blood count, liver function, and renal function panels. Other tests are specific to the trial’s particular needs.

Most smaller pharma and biotech companies have limited capacity to deal with patient samples. With every test, the logistics of data collection, storage, transportation, and analysis can represent the difference between a trial that meets clinical endpoints and one that does not.

Companies that do not have access to rapid and reliable clinical trial testing face a serious roadblock to drug development. By outsourcing testing needs to a central lab such as Omnia Labs, companies can rapidly move past this obstacle and focus on innovation. 

With more than 50 tests and panels, Omnia Labs can significantly expand the options of a smaller pharma or biotech company. And because Omnia Labs acts as a central lab, smaller companies do not have to piece together results from other service providers – each with their own methods and testing platforms – and to avoid any uncertainty that their products are effective.

Why Omnia?

Some of the advantages that smaller companies gain when using Omnia as a central laboratory:

  • Standardized data collection and analysis
  • Wide range of potential panels and tests
  • Turnaround times of 24 hours from sample receipt
  • Knowledgeable staff to interpret and analyze data results
  • Independent, third-party analysis
  • Increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness

The Omnia management has owned and operated clinical trial sites – so they have a clear and focused understanding of the importance of timely and accurate medical testing. By lifting the burden of critical, but time-consuming logistics for patient samples, Omnia helps companies focus on their own innovation and growth. 

Omnia Labs wants to help you spend less time focused on testing and more time on improving patients’ lives. To discuss how Omnia can help with your central laboratory needs, contact us today!