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Saliva Drug Test

Drug Testing Solutions for Individuals

While drug testing options are available on-site at many clinical sites across the country, including our own Omnia Labs locations, traveling to a lab isn’t always feasible for patients. We at Omnia Labs offer at-home testing via a mail-in service so that patients can complete drug screenings in the comfort of their own homes.  Why […]
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Our Company’s Mission and Values

At Omnia Labs, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service available in the healthcare industry and improving the lives of our patients in any way that we can through a variety of testing services. Since our beginning, meticulous care in every aspect of our practice has been key to our success, ranging […]
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Drug Testing Solutions for Behavioral Health, Detox, and Rehab Facilities

For centers that focus on behavioral health and rehabilitation, having a reliable source for drug testing is not only important to the success of your business, but potentially life saving as well for high-risk drugs. Omnia Labs is one of the leading diagnostic labs in the United States and provides fast, reliable, and accurate drug […]
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