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Using Omnia as Your Central Lab

By selecting a central laboratory, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can simplify one of the many processes and details involved in running clinical trials. Companies have a choice between a string of local laboratories, which may offer logistical convenience, and a central laboratory that will ensure uniform testing across multiple trial sites. Successful companies have found […]
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Outsourcing to a Central Lab: Big Pharma Services for Smaller Companies

Clinical trials drive drug development – and testing drives clinical trials. Central laboratories, which handle logistics and testing across all clinical trial sites, were once only available to large pharmaceutical concerns with the resources to create in-house testing hubs. But with the rise of outsourced central laboratories, even a small pharma or biotech company can […]
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Our Company’s Mission and Values

At Omnia Labs, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service available in the healthcare industry and improving the lives of our patients in any way that we can through a variety of testing services. Since our beginning, meticulous care in every aspect of our practice has been key to our success, ranging […]
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