By selecting a central laboratory, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can simplify one of the many processes and details involved in running clinical trials.

Companies have a choice between a string of local laboratories, which may offer logistical convenience, and a central laboratory that will ensure uniform testing across multiple trial sites. Successful companies have found that the advantages of a central lab outweigh any benefits that come from a short commute for samples.

Benefits of a Central Lab

Let’s talk about the reasons why a central lab is a superior choice to selecting multiple local labs.

Consistency: Central labs ensure uniformity in testing methods and materials. At Omnia Labs, not only do we validate our instruments and use rigorous methods for all trial samples, but we also provide standardized reporting upon the completion of tests.

Efficiency: Because overhead costs are not spread over multiple providers, Omnia is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Flexibility: As a central laboratory, Omnia provides a dedicated project leader and team devoted to troubleshooting. The team can quickly respond to all client requests.

Analytics: With centralized data, pharmaceutical and biotech companies benefit from the advanced analytics that Omnia can offer. This includes tracking trends and providing customized reporting.

Speed: Delays in testing can have safety and economic implications for a clinical trial. Omnia’s high throughput testing and fast turnaround times prevent costly delays.

Breadth: Central labs typically offer a wider range of potential testing options. Omnia has more than 50 different panels and testing options from which to choose.

How Central Labs Function

The Omnia team works with Contract Research Organizations (CROs), manufacturers, or directly with the clinical trial sites. Omnia works with your organization to create customized sample logistics.

Once clinical trial sites provide a single sample or multiple samples, Omnia can have results within 24 hours. Sites receive results electronically in customized, predetermined reporting formats. This ensures that data is accurate, comprehensive, and consistent across all trial sites.

Omnia offers testing for blood, serum, plasma, urine, tissue, Covid-19, and for controlled substances. Other options include: 

  • Basic and comprehensive metabolic panels
  • Complete blood count panels
  • Hepatic panels and levels
  • Renal panels and levels
  • Thyroid panels and levels
  • Lipid panels and levels
  • Wellness panel and more

Omnia Wants to Be Your Lab of Choice

With all the moving parts of clinical trial management, Omnia is well positioned to alleviate this burden by becoming your “go-to” central lab. Our capacity utilization model is designed by and for our product teams to deploy quickly and help clients scale up rapidly for clinical trials.

Contact us today to learn more about how Omnia Labs can help with your testing needs.